M and M Horsemanship, Mark and Miranda Lyon

M & M Horsemanship

Mark and Miranda proudly feed Purina products to ensure that the best nutrition is provided for their horses.
They want them to perform their best, so why not feed them the best.

M and M Horsemanship
With each having over a decade of training experience and through the influence of horsemen such as Ray Hunt, Peter Campbell, Buck Brannaman, and Martin Black,Mark and Miranda have developed a unique combination of training skills which have proven to be successful whether they are working with a ranch horse or an award winning National Champion Jumper. Mark and Miranda have the ability to zero in on the core source of problems and then follow through with instruction for both the horse and rider to overcome these obstacles.

Many times it comes down to simply unlearning unproductive habits and replacing them with actions that open up the channels of communication between the rider and the horse. Mark and Miranda's goal is to help riders understand how to clearly communicate with their horse as well as understand why their horse may be reacting the way they do. Clear communication is vital for any rider who wants to have an enjoyable relationship with their horse.

Cowgirl Shooting Mustang Magic 2009

Man prepares the horse for competition, but the victory comes from God.
~Proverbs 21:31~

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